Building on Young Apprenticeships

Equal Opportunities

Newton B, Miller L, Page R, Tuohy S | Report 444 | Institute for Employment Studies | Oct 2007

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The Department for Children, Schools and Families commissioned this report to support the implementation of the recommendations made within the earlier research, 'Young Apprenticeships: Equal Opportunities'. Composed of three main elements, this report:

  • illustrates how to produce careers and training information to promote Young Apprenticeships (YA) to atypical entrants in three strongly gender-segregated sectors
  • demonstrates how to encourage wider choices and provide practical information, advice and guidance (IAG) through the provision of taster sessions during YA recruitment
  • identifies examples of good equalities practice within YA delivery through progress-update visits to the five original case study areas.

The study identifies that, within the delivery of the YAs, there is a close link between good equalities practice and good practice more generally.

Each of the report appendices are available to download separately: