Gender Segregation in Apprenticeships

Miller L, Pollard E, Neathey F, Hill D, Ritchie H | Working Paper 25 | Equal Opportunities Commission | Mar 2005

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This research focuses on apprenticeships. Previously called 'modern apprenticeships' (MAs), these are currently the main vocational training route into work for young people in Britain.

The aim of the research was to investigate what the national Learning and Skills Council and its local arms (LLSCs) have done to address gender segregation in MAs. A further aim was to consider the actions taken by partner organisations that work with LLSCs, such as training providers, employers, the Connexions service and Education Business Partnerships (EBPs).

The research has a number of implications for the future, for sound data collection, challenging gender segregation, providing information on vocation options and funding issues.

This publication is no longer available.