Creative Graduates Creative Futures

Ball L, Pollard E, Stanley N | Report 471 | Council for Higher Education in Art and Design; University of the Arts London | Dec 2009

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The Creative Graduates Creative Futures report provides a comprehensive exploration of the experiences, activities and contribution of creative graduates and their plans for the future. It sets the findings in context, providing expert commentaries from writers and researchers within the sector, and compares the position of creative graduates in 2009 with that of ten years previously, as evidenced by the Destinations and Reflections report of 1999.

The report contents include: executive summary, introduction, project development and methodology, sample profile, the creative curriculum and work experience, skills development and preparation for work, early career patterns, creative work and portfolio careers, further study and learning, career aspirations and motivations, and creative careers in the 21st century.

To accompany the report, a large body of supporting tables provide more detailed information about the survey sample and a breakdown of responses to the survey. The appendices for this study have been published separately and can be accessed in the links to below.

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