Dementia-friendly workplaces

IES Perspectives on HR 2017

Bevan S | HR Network Paper 130 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2017

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Stephen Bevan, Head of HR Research Development at IES, offers his contribution to IES Perspectives on HR 2017. In this essay, Stephen considers the growing need to create dementia-friendly workplaces.

Before offering actionable suggestions on how to manage dementia at work, Stephen outlines the state of play regarding dementia in the UK and in UK workplaces.Analysis of the current literature highlights great differences in the support that employers report they offer and the support that employees believe they receive in relation to dementia in the workplace.

The essay then moves on to discuss the challenges that dementia poses at a sector level and suggests that, given that dementia is currently resisting attempts to prevent or treat it and we will all be compelled to work progressively much longer before we retire, now is the time to act to ensure that policies and practices are in place to create dementia-friendly workplaces.

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