Darkening skies? IES Perspectives on HR 2017

Report 510 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2017

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In acknowledgement of current turbulent times, this collection of articles addresses today’s pressing issues for organisations.

IES's team of researchers and consultants have pulled together existing research and their own insights and experiences from working with organisations to offer their reflections on how leaders and HR practitioners can successfully navigate the imminent challenges.

The essays reflect the current sense of uncertainty around what future awaits.

The chapters in this year’s IES Perspectives on HR include:

  • Work... but not as we know it
  • Talkin' 'bout my generation: Just what does age and the ageing workforce mean for HR?
  • Dementia-friendly workplaces
  • Supporting employee financial wellbeing
  • Hidden voices and disengagement: the gift of learning from political earthquakes
  • The HR function post-Ulrich’s structural model
  • Strategic change-readiness for organisations
  • The role of HR in workforce innovation
  • Talent management: responding to uncertainty