Thoughts for the day: IES Perspectives on HR 2016

Report 508 | Institute for Employment Studies | Feb 2016

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With economic forecasts uncertain, strategic human resource management is being replaced by tactical cost and risk management. Researchers at the Institute for Employment Studies have found HR directors are waiting to confirm their budgets for the year and workforce planning is going quarterly.

In response, the Institute has published a collection of articles urging organisations to consider both general and strategic HR issues, as well as particular challenges, including a detailed description of this year’s gender pay reporting requirement and how to maximise the benefits.

This compilation of bite-sized essays by leading thinkers confronts and expands on existing thinking, plans, and practices in HR and employment.

It will help HR leaders think about, plan for, and deal with these ‘known and unknown unknowns’, challenging modern fads, reinforcing some long-standing truths and offering original and practical insights.

The chapters in this year’s IES Perspectives on HR include:

  • The me and we generations: the impact of intergenerational differences in the workplace
  • What’s the point? the importance of meaningful work
  • Gender pay gap reporting: important, undesirable or irrelevant?
  • Performance management, a tale of two practices?
  • Swimming against the tide: getting whistleblowers on board
  • From consultation to co-production: high involvement change
  • Can values add value?
  • Ethical leadership