IES Perspectives on the HR Year Ahead 2012

Strength and opportunities

Report 489 | Institute for Employment Studies | Dec 2011

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The economic climate in 2012 remains challenging; organisations can become too caught up in saving money at the cost of forgetting what their purpose is.

This year's perspectives report looks at opportunities for change, whilst ensuring your workforce and managers are in a strong position to embark on them. It manages this in the context of the broader approach that is currently gaining ground, in which all of an organisations’ stakeholders, as well as the communities and environment they operate in, are given equal priority.

Topics covered include:

  • The labour market in 2012 and some HR implications
  • Resilience: is your workforce tough enough?
  • Board effectiveness: the people issues
  • Top ten tips for implementing performance management
  • Psychological work harm and the manager
  • The role of HR in the ‘green’ agenda
  • Obtaining customer feedback on HR
  • Flexible working for all
  • Return to work after maternity leave