IES Perspectives on HR series

Since 2010, we have produced a series of articles each year offering the perspectives of our experts and associates on the HR year ahead. These articles cover a wide range of important HR and employer topics and are informed by our extensive research and employer consultancy work.

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Darkening skies? IES Perspectives on HR 2017Darkening skies? IES Perspectives on HR 2017

In acknowledgement of turbulent times, this collection addresses several pressing issues for organisations.



IES Perspectives on HR 2016Thoughts for the day: IES Perspectives on HR 2016

These articles urge organisations to consider both general and strategic HR issues.



IES Perspectives on HR 2015HR in a disordered world: IES Perpectives on HR 2015

Encourages employers to consider how more established ways of managing change can be replaced by evolving fluid approaches.



IES Perspectives on HR 2014IES Perspectives on HR 2014: HR responsing to threats and opportunities

The HR meta themes of personal development, organisational efficiency, organisational values and culture, leadership, etc remain constant. The environment within which they present themselves varies.



IES Perspectives on the HR Year Ahead 2013IES Perspectives on the HR Year Ahead 2013: interesting times

Taking change as its overarching theme, this collection explores issues in HR and OD from a number of different angles.



IES Perspectives on the HR Year Ahead 2012IES Persepctives on the HR Year Ahead 2012: strength and opportunities

The economic climate in 2012 remained challenging; organisations can become too caught up in saving money at the cost of forgetting what their purpose is.



IES Annual Review of the HR Year Ahead 2011IES Annual Review of the HR Year Ahead 2011: From restructuring to rebuilding

Presents two perspectives on where HR was going in 2011 by thirteen of IES's HR researchers.



The HR Agenda for 2010

The HR Agenda for 2010: Ten top trends as we come out of recession

Topic leaders at IES provide insights that had emerged from consultancy and research practice across the public and private sector.