The HR Agenda for 2010

Ten top trends as we come out of recession

Garrow V (ed.) | Report 472 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jan 2010

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The HR team at IES reflected on some of the priorities for organisations as they started to emerge from recession and looked to the future. In these short articles topic leaders provided insights that had emerged from recent consultancy and research practice across the public and private sector.

Has your organisation addressed the following priorities?

  • The critical role of effective workforce planning and OD as organisations face up to continuing future uncertainty.
  • The importance of new forms of flexible working which have moved from being essentially an employee-oriented benefit to a valuable flexible resourcing and cost control strategy.
  • The future for learning and development, talent management and coaching, as the need for top talent and leadership is greater than ever, but the cost spotlight has fallen on the justification for some common, traditional training practices and spend.
  • How recession has highlighted the importance of employee engagement to organisational performance, but also in some cases weakened the strength of employer/employee relationships.
  • The need for line managers to practice in reality the rhetoric of total rewards and best-place-to-work initiatives.
  • The requirement to respond to the generational challenges presented by demographic change – managing both ‘the teenies’ and ‘the oldies’.