Discrimination and access to employment for female workers with disabilities: Case study: United Kingdom

Lodovici M S, Orlando N |   | European Parliament | Jun 2017

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This country case study report considers the the access of women with disabilities to the labour market in the United Kingdom. The report, containing IES research, is part of a wider study in this area which aimed to establish how multiple discrimination impacts the labour market opportunities of women with disabilities. The full study is available to read here.

This country report considers the national debate on the concept of 'multiple discrimination', in relation to access to employment for women with disabilities. It also considers the socioeconomic conditions of women with disabilities in the UK, and the national policy and legal framework on the subject of disability and employment, from a gender perspective. The report also contains example of good practice in terms of addressing the disability and/or gender employment gap, and considers barriers to addressing these gaps. The report concludes with policy recommendations around how to remove the barriers that women with disabilities face in relation to their access to the labour market.