Employment in privatised utilities: A higher risk of precariousness?

Study for the EMPL Committee

Broughton A, Manzoni C |   | European Parliament | Jun 2017

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The focus of this paper is on the effect that privatisation of public utilities has had on employment, both in quantitative and qualitative terms, as far as this can be determined.

It analyses in particular the risk of precariousness, thus complementing recent research published by the European Parliament on the risk of precarious employment.

The report

  • outlines the analytical framework and background for this study;
  • charts the history of public utility privatisation in the EU;
  • examines the quantitative trends in employment after privatisation;
  • examines the qualitative effects and trends of privatisation of public utilities;
  • examines ways in which to cushion the potentially negative effects of privatisation of public utilities; and
  • makes policy recommendations.