Ethical leadership

IES Perspectives on HR 2016

Tamkin P | HR Network Paper 124 | Institute for Employment Studies | Apr 2016

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The headlines continue to suggest that poor behaviour from leaders remains a current issue. In fact there has been a regular drip-drip of media stories that suggest organisational leaders have been turning a blind eye to what is right in favour of what is profitable or expedient. The VW emission scandal is the latest in a very long line of eyebrow raising corporate misbehaviour.

Penny Tamkin elaborates on the current opportunities and need for HR to seek out and lead in providing a deeper meaning and purpose for people in our organisations. She contrasts the depressing litany of business scandals with the raft of evidence that makes 'a seemingly overwhelming (business, moral and employee engagement) case for ethical leadership.'

This paper was originally published in Thoughts for the day: IES Perspectives on HR 2016