Evaluation of the Industry Placements Pilot

Research report

Newton B, Williams J, Francis R, Gloster R, Buzzeo J, Byford M, Spiegelhalter K, Esmond, B  |   | Department for Education | May 2019

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Industry placements will be an integral part of the new T Level programmes which will help learners taking classroom based qualifications gain demonstrable technical and vocational expertise. Within the T Level programmes, placements will be of 45-60 working day duration and will offer a structured learning experience.

The aim of this research project was to provide independent external, process evaluation of the Industry Placements Pilot Programme. The primary research took place over 3 waves, with a 4th phase dedicated to detailed thematic analysis of the data captured and dissemination of the lessons that could be learned.

The aim of the evaluation was to:

• Assess the effectiveness of different placement and support models in different contexts.

• Provide evidence on implementation highlighting lessons for full, national roll-out.

The research was based on qualitative interviews with key stakeholders in the Pilot Programme. This included interviews across 3 waves with a range of staff in all 21 providers and staff at the national brokerage and support organisation. Employers and learners were also interviewed. In addition, management information was analysed and a survey of learners undertaken. Providers were also engaged in a series of webinars, online forums and learning events throughout all waves.