Hidden voices and disengagement: the gift of learning from political earthquakes

IES Perspectives on HR 2017

Callen A | HR Network Paper 132 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2017

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2016 offered a fascinating series of political earthquakes that swept across the western world. In this IES Perspectives on HR 2017 essay, Amanda Callen, Senior Research Fellow, offers her insights and guidance on what organisations can learn from 2016's politics about listening to employees and avoiding disengagement.

The essay draws from IES's expertise in employee engagement and considers the impact on employees of not being heard, the consequential effect on organisations as a whole; and what employers can do to guarantee employees are heard. On this final point, Amanda encourages caution on the part of organisations who may feel that they are already doing a good job and suggests a series of questions that might open new perspectives on what organisations can do to encourage employee voice and ensure people feel heard and important to those in power.

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