IES Annual Review 2017

 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2018

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The annual review aims to bring IES’ research and consultancy activities to life, showing how they improve employment and HR policy and practice.

As a charitable research centre, existing for public benefit, we insist on the independence and rigour of our work. We are not a campaigning organisation or ‘think-tank’ and we do not take a political stance. We always aim to deploy appropriate and state-of-the-art methodologies to our research and consultancy assignments, and we invest in staff training and development to support this. We uphold high standards of research ethics in the conduct of all our activities.

This document contains details of our research, support and consultancy in each key work area throughout the financial year 2016/17. It also offers our view on why our work matters, details of our main dissemination activities and a financial summary for the year.

The document is accompanied by a separate Snapshot document which presents the year at IES in lists.