The impact of artificial intelligence on the HR function

IES Perspectives on HR 2018

Reilly P | HR Network Paper 142 | Institute for Employment Studies | Nov 2018

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Throughout IES' 50 year history, we have seen many predictions on the impact of new technology on people's work and jobs, from wholesale job extinction through to a delightfully-leisured existence. In this paper, Peter Reilly, IES principal associate, considers the impact of the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) on the HR function.

Part of our Perspectives on HR 2018 series, the paper analyses the benefits that AI could bring in terms of increased efficiency and access to business data. It also considers the role of HR in minimising risks posed by the introduction of AI into global workplaces, such as unconscious bias in systems, employee and consumer objections, and how AI could stifle learning cultures.

The paper concludes with tips for HR professionals on making the most from AI, based on the analysis in the paper and IES' 50 years of experience working with organisations.