Increasing the Participation of Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Employment: Final Report

 | German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs | Jan 2012

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This report containing IES research presents the findings from the transnational learning network, IMPART; a group of 12 EU partners which came together to consider how projects which aim to increase the participation of migrants and ethnic minorities in employment can successfully implement and mainstream their good practice.

The report is accompanied by a practical toolkit comprising a new modular benchmark and guidance on how to use it. The toolkit is designed for European Social Fund Managing Authorities or other funders involved in planning and reviewing programmes.

This report outlines how IMPART used a peer-review method with benchmarks to focus both on what the aforementioned projects could influence and the context in which they operated. It also includes findings derived from evidence collected through the peer-review method and closes with recommendations for the European Commission and other key stakeholders such as European Social Fund Managing Authorities.