Literature Review of Evidence on e-Learning in the Workplace

Lain D, Aston J |   | Institute for Employment Studies | Sep 2005

Undertaken for the Department for Education and Skills, this literature review covers:

  • The prevalence of e-learning in companies: how common is it for e-learning to be used in the workplace? Are there differences in usage by occupational group, sector, and size of company? What kinds of e-learning are used?
  • The demand for e-learning: how much demand is there for e-learning products and services amongst employers?
  • The effectiveness and impact of e-learning: what are the expected benefits of e-learning?

How effective is e-learning in relation to:

  1. engendering a positive response from the trainee
  2. resulting in learning on the part of the trainee
  3. changing the behaviour of the trainee
  4. having a positive impact on the organisation.