Mapping Provision and Investigating Participation in Postgraduate Art and Design

Pollard E, Connor H, Hunt W |   | National Arts Learning Network | May 2008

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This report for the National Arts Learning Network (NALN) sets out the postgraduate landscape in creative arts and design. It provides a wealth of new information about the later stages in the student life cycle and a solid evidence base on the flows into postgraduate study.

The report maps the provision of postgraduate study across the UK, and the place the Network has in this provision, exploring what is delivered in terms of mode, level and subject.

It also maps participation in postgraduate study to explore pathways to higher-level study, who studies creative arts and design subjects at postgraduate level, and how this student body differs to the postgraduate student body as a whole.

Finally the report uses primary research from potential postgraduate students to explore the routes to postgraduate study and choices about postgraduate study in creative arts and design.

The findings provide a wealth of new base-line evidence for the NALN to use in its work on developing progression routes for students with vocational qualifications or experimental learning backgrounds.