Masterclass: Embedding Diversity

IES event report

Mercer M | HR Network Paper  | Institute for Employment Studies | Jul 2013

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We held an event to consider why it is that we cannot seem to achieve diversity especially in the senior grades of our organisations.

Is it that we have focused on getting a diverse pool of recruits and then found that we cannot deliver people’s career aspirations?

Are we still penalising flexible workers with a lack of career development? Or is there a belief in our organisations, even a subconscious belief, that white, non-disabled, full-time men are the best performers and most reliable staff?

At the event we debated the assertion by Binna Kandola (2009) that:‘Diversity is about behaviour and outcomes. It’s about how relationships are enacted. It’s about how we perform in everyday situations based on how we think'.

This report presents a brief summary of the key points raised and debated at the event.

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