Nurses' Work: an Analysis of the UK Nursing Market

Buchan J, Seccombe I, Smith G | Developments in Nursing and Healthcare 18 | Royal College of Nursing | Jun 1998

Published in the midst of one of the worst shortages of nurses in the history of the national health service, this book is a timely reminder that we rarely learn from history.

Nurses are by far the largest workforce in the health service. Yet poor workforce planning is perhaps inevitable when nursing is still thought of by some as an instinctive, caring job fit for any 'good woman'.

Nursing has long suffered from myth making, but none worse than the myth which claims nurses are not interested in developing their skills as expert members of the health care team.

This book sounds a warning bell for the NHS. It paints a very clear picture of the challenges ahead, plugging many of the information gaps which previously made it impossible to pull together a comprehensive overview of the nursing labour market.

This publication is no longer available.