Quality of Work: How does it matter in Europe?

A comparative analysis of four EU states

Wilson S, Lazazzara A, Stettes O, Lopez M-N, Bastien A, Lau J | Panorama 309 A | Entreprise & Personnel | Jan 2013

IES worked with the French consultancy and research company Entreprise & Personnel in Paris to produce a series of "European Panorama" publications dealing with topical employment issues.

The second of these publications, which focused on employee well-being and quality of work, was authored in collaboration with French, German and Italian partners, with IES producing the UK research element.

The report summarises employer practice and relevant government policy in each country and presents a series of business case studies showing a range of employer responses to employee well-being and job quality issues.

The report proposes a 'typology' of employer behaviour and describes how each of the various case studies can be placed within that framework.