Review of the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework

Brown D, Mercer M, Buchan J, Miller L, Chubb C, Cox A, Robinson D |   | NHS Employers | Mar 2010

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The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) is a generic competency framework that was intended to define and describe the knowledge and skills that NHS staff need to apply in their work to deliver quality services; provide a single consistent framework for staff reviews and development; and influence the pay progression of non-medical staff.

This independent review identifies the barriers to the successful implementation and use of the KSF, and makes recommendations for change and improvement to support widespread adoption and effective usage. The review also considers:

  • the format of the KSF and allegations of complexity and impracticality;
  • whether the KSF can effectively be used to identify the training and development needs of staff of all types working at all levels;
  • how the KSF is and can be effectively linked with local appraisal practice;
  • the views and real life experiences of managers and staff; and
  • whether there is any trade off between simplification of the KSF to aid take up and the quality and benefits of using the process.