Slides: IES HR Directors' Retreat 2023

Growing the future workforce

Wilson T, Foot C, Stevenson R, Clark M, Slattery D |   | Institute for Employment Studies  | Oct 2023

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Presentation slides from IES HR Directors' Retreat 2023, featuring: 

Working for the future
Tony Wilson, Institute Director, Institute for Employment Studies

How employers can retain, develop and recruit workers over 50, and why this matters
Catherine Foot, Director, Phoenix Insights

The future is human
Ross Stevenson, Chief Learning Strategist, Steal These Thoughts

A practical exploration of a People Experience Framework approach to HR Practice
Michelle Clark, Executive Director of Diversity & Talent, The Children’s Society

Trends in Talent Acquisition: How organisations are responding to a changing labour market
Declan Slattery, Chair of The Global Advisory Board, Talint Partners