Strategic change-readiness for organisations

IES Perspectives on HR 2017

Carter A | HR Network Paper 134 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2017

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How can organisations prepare for change and how are some organisations able to adapt and operate reliably in the face of uncertainty? This is a question at the heart of Alison Carter's contribution to IES Perspectives on HR 2017, a series of essays produced by IES researchers and associates offering their thoughts on the HR year ahead.

Alison's discussion of what makes a 'change-ready' organisation draws heavily on recent IES research into the use of mindfulness to support strategic change-readiness in organisations. She first identifies the abundance of mindless behaviour in organisations before offering a definition of 'change-readiness' and considering what organisations can do to increase change-readiness.

Alison's essay then offers a model of change-readiness which presents four key contributors to change-readiness, allowing HR specialists and change leaders to think about maximising the benefits from change and minimising the commonly associated problems.

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