Student Income and Expenditure Survey 2004/05

Finch S, Jones A, Parfrement J, Cebulla A (NatCen), Connor H, Hillage J, Pollard E, Tyers C, Hunt W, Loukas G (IES) | Research Report RR725 | Department for Education and Skills | Feb 2006

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The 2004/05 Student Income and Expenditure Survey, commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills and the National Assembly of Wales, was conducted jointly by a research team from the National Centre for Social Research and the Institute for Employment Studies.

The survey covered a random sample of just over 3,700 full-time and part-time students in higher education, in England and Wales, at 88 institutions. It was conducted between January and April 2005.

It was the first comprehensive assessment since 1998/99 and was designed to set a baseline against which future changes, following the 2004 Higher Education Act, could be monitored.

The survey collected data on students' income, expenditure, debt, savings and financial hardship and a range of personal information.