Teachers working longer review: annex B - employment practice

Pollard E, Swift S, Fohrbeck A, Cox A, Crumbie A, Stock D, Curry C |   | Department for Education | Feb 2017

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This report produced by IES in partnership with Pensions Policy Institute on behalf of the Department for Education (DfE) offers a Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) of the published literature on the broad employment context of supporting teachers to work longer.

The REA forms part of the work to support the Teachers Working Longer Review, a review conducted by the DfE alongside teaching unions and employers. The review considered the health and deployment implications of teachers working longer as a result of the increase in normal pension age in the Teachers' Pension Scheme (TPS).

The aim of the REA was to review the existing evidence base on employment practice in order to provide an overview of good practice, which would be essential in managing and developing older school staff and achieving longer working lives.

This appendix to the interim report offers findings on areas such as the reasons why older teachers drop out of the labour market, the various career pathways which could support teachers working longer and the potential for aspects of the TPS such as phased retirement to be used by employers and teachers to support teachers to work longer.