Understanding employers' graduate recruitment and selection practices

Pollard E, Hirsh W, Williams M, Buzzeo J, Rosa Marvell, Tassinari A, Bertram C, Fletcher L, Artess J, Redman J, Ball C | Research Paper 231 | Department for Business, Innovation and Skills | Nov 2015

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This research examined the approach to graduate recruitment adopted by employers and how this has evolved in recent years. In particular the study aimed to explore patterns in graduate recruitment, behaviours of graduate employers and interactions between graduate employers and universities. It therefore provides a picture of long-term trends in practice from pre-recruitment activities through to entry, induction and beyond, and before, during and after the recession; and indicates the ways in which employers' thinking about recruitment and selection have, and are, changing and developing.

The research was driven by a need to update the evidence and understanding of recruitment practice as the population of graduates has increased dramatically and become more heterogeneous; the labour market has changed, emerging from difficult economic conditions; and there is increasing policy interest in diversity and particularly in social mobility.