Why the Difference?

A closer look at higher education minority ethnic students and graduates

Connor H, Tyers C, Modood T, Hillage J | Research Report RR552 | Department for Education and Skills | Jun 2004

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Minority ethnic groups are more likely than White people to progress to higher education in England, but on average are less likely to do as well in degree performance and face more problems getting jobs.

This report, by IES for the Department for Education and Skills, contains the findings of a major research study over two years. It shows the various influences on minority ethnic participation and their achievement in higher education, and their transitions to the labour market.

It presents the most comprehensive and detailed picture yet to emerge. The distribution of minority ethnic students is strongly skewed to particular universities, and they are underrepresented in some key subjects. Whilst the picture is complex, particular problems and policy implications are highlighted.

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