Annual HR Directors' Retreat Growing the future workforce: What can and should HR be doing to develop its workforce in the face of a shifting landscape?

Thu 28 Sep 2023 17:30 to Fri 29 Sep 2023 15:00
Mercure Hotel, Brighton

The UK has emerged from the pandemic with a smaller labour force, labour and skills shortages, and ongoing challenges around an ageing population, economic inactivity due to ill-health and employment gaps for disadvantaged groups. At the same time, with the advent of ChatGPT and generative AI, the nature of work is changing.

The focus of this event will be on how HR practitioners should respond to this shifting landscape, how it can take proactive action to develop and grow the future workforce.

Join us to actively debate these issues in a supportive and collaborative environment with contributions by leading thinkers, practitioners and opinion-formers in HR.

Key questions we will be addressing are:

  • What is the likely size, shape and characteristics of the future UK labour force?
  • What is the likely impact of technology and other megatrends on the nature of work?
  • How can organisations and HR support best manage the transition?
  • How can organisations and HR prepare their workforces for changing needs and requirements?
  • How can organisations and HR ensure that the future of work is inclusive? 

Programme Thursday (day one)

17.30: Registration and unpacking
18.30: Drinks in the bar
18.50: Welcome and introductions
Dan Lucy, Director of HR Research and Consulting, IES
19.00: Dinner

Programme Friday (day two)

Chair: Dan Lucy

09.15 Welcome & introductions: The current labour market context, key challenges and priorities for HR
Dan Lucy, Director of HR Research & Consulting, Institute for Employment Studies
Dan will introduce the day, the key themes we are going to cover and our amazing line up of speakers in the context of IES’s current work.

09.30 The current and future UK labour market, and implications for HR?
Tony Wilson
, Institute Director, Institute for Employment Studies
This session will explore the current, and likely future, size and shape of the UK labour market taking account of the way in which technology may impact the future labour market.
Q & A

10.15 How can employers respond most effectively to an ageing workforce?
Catherine Foot
, Director, Phoenix Insights
One current, and likely future, feature of the UK labour market is that it will be older. This session will explore the implications of an ageing population and workforce for HR and the way people are led, managed, supported and developed at work.
Q & A

11.00 Table Discussion: How is the UK labour market impacting your organisation? What are you doing to respond to these challenges? What does the future hold and how are you responding?

11.30 Coffee/tea/check-out

11.45 Exploring the future of skills and how to adapt to the new world. Unpacking data and insights on the global skills economy.
Ross Stevenson,
Chief Learning Strategist, Steal These Thoughts
This session will focus on the future of skills and how organisations can adapt to changing skills and crack the L&D code.
Q & A

12.30 Lunch

13.15  Using a people experience framework approach to connect organisations to individuals and address future skills needs
Michelle Clark,
Executive Director for Diversity and Talent, The Children’s Society
This session will focus on a practical exploration of using a people experience framework approach to respond to the future skills agenda and maximise available talent.
Q & A

14.00 Trends in Talent Acquisition and how organisations are responding to a changing labour market
Declan Slattery, Chair of Global Advisory Board, Talint Partners and former Head of Talent Acquisition at National Westminster Bank
This session will focus on what organisations are doing to enhance their ability to attract critical talent, reflecting on trends in approaches during a changing labour market..
Q & A

14.45 Summary and close
Dan Lucy, Director HR Research and Consulting, IES

15.00 Depart

Reserving your place

This event is available exclusively to IES and IPA members and associates. For £295 (excl VAT) attendees can enjoy a networking dinner and an overnight stay at the hotel. For attendees wishing to join the event on Friday, the cost is £95 (excl VAT). Please email the IES HR Network Manager Emma Stewart-Rigby to secure your place as soon as possible. Please note, accommodation is subject to availability with limited parking at £25 per night available on a first come, first served basis, with additional NCP parking available close-by.