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10 Aug 2015

The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) has opened up access to all its research publications on HR policy and practice, making electronic copies freely available. IES, a leading research institute in the field of people management and employment policy, has a strong publishing tradition stretching back over almost 50 years.

Popular subjects covered by the Institute’s HR research reports include:

The move to open up access to all IES reports will mean more potential readers can access the research and use the independent, evidence-based findings on HR topics to improve their own policies and practices. Enabling such improvements is the main thrust of the Institute’s charitable mission.

Institute director, Nigel Meager, commented on the change, saying

‘Whilst most of our research on public employment policy, published by the funders of the research, is already freely available, we are pleased now to release access to all our publications on HR management topics. This will extend the insight and benefits of the Institute’s research to a broader range of readers in the HR world, in line with our charitable objectives to improve policy and practice.’

Popular titles from the Institute, which were previously charged for, include:

Access all of IES’s research publications

All research funded by the Institute’s HR Network is released exclusively to members of the Network for three months before being made available to the public.


About IES

The Institute for Employment Studies is the UK’s leading independent, not-for-profit centre for research and evidence-based consultancy on employment, the labour market, and HR policy and practice.

The Institute was formed in the late 1960s by a group of industrialists and individuals who saw the need for an independent, national centre of excellence to research and disseminate best practice in manpower planning, and labour market issues.

About Nigel Meager

Nigel is a labour economist by training, and a well-established international expert on labour market and employment policy issues. He has worked at IES since 1984, following posts at the Universities of Bath and Glasgow. He has been Director of the Institute since 2004. He has a long and varied research track record covering the functioning of national, regional and local labour markets, unemployment, skill shortages, labour market flexibility, changing patterns of work and equal opportunity policies and practices.

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