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22 Sep 2015

Engaging Manager 360 assessment

Everyone now understands the importance of employee engagement. But do your managers know how to engage their teams?

Our 360° assessment tool gives your managers the insights they need to develop their skills and improve their teams’ engagement.

IES research shows that certain management behaviours drive engagement. Managers who use such behaviours are likely to have teams with high levels of engagement.

We’ve developed a tool based on that research, which will:

  1. Measure your managers’ engagement skills.
  2. Provide your managers with a personal report on their engagement strengths.
  3. Highlight the best opportunities for your managers to increase employee engagement levels.

Using sophisticated survey software that makes the assessment quick and easy to complete, the tool gives a sound, 360° perspective on   engaging behaviour. The resulting report offers detailed insights alongside instant visual snapshots.

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A number of packages are available. Contact Amanda Callen or Dilys Robinson to discuss the right service for you: 01273 763400