In Brief and Around IES

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22 Sep 2015

In Brief

  • The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has commissioned IES to pilot a strategic approach to evaluate the outcomes of learning and development in BIS and assess how far such an approach could be more widely applied to other programmes and in other business contexts.
  • IES has been commissioned to carry out a third staff salary survey for the Architects Registration Board, based on a search of data sources and a bespoke survey of similar organisations.
  • IES is collaborating with Brighton Business School to conduct two research studies. The first investigates the links between HR management practices and employee performance and engagement, while the second assesses the impact of meaningfulness interventions on employee well-being and engagement. The results will be disseminated at two separate events to which HR Network members will be invited.
  • Duncan Brown recently spoke at a Universities and Colleges Employers Association conference on the subject of current trends and key issues in setting senior pay.
  • Duncan Brown contributed to the European Commission’s ‘FORUM on the Future of Gender Equality in the EU’ earlier in the year.
  • Dilys Robinson has been presenting lectures on employee engagement to CIPD and International Masters’ students at Brighton Business School
    and Mid-Sussex College.
  • As part of the government’s plans to improve UK productivity, IES will be supporting business-led action groups to explore specific themes in key UK sectors. Our role in this project for the UK Commission for Employment and Skills will be to provide the evidence base to understand the challenges and support the development of practical solutions that employers can action.

Around IES

As well as our work for employers like yourselves, IES also undertakes research on employment topics for various policy bodies. Here are just
a sample you may be interested in keeping up with:

The Carers’ Employment Pilot

IES is carrying out an evaluation for the Social Care Institute for Excellence to find out what works to keep carers in employment, specifically in relation to the contributions made by information technology and the creation of businesses designed to support carers.

Discriminatory recruitment practices in employment

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has commissioned IES to explore through research the issue of race discrimination in recruitment on the grounds of nationality, with a particular emphasis on the way employers recruit British and migrant workers with the right to work in the UK.

Blue Light Programme

IES has been commissioned to evaluate the work and wellbeing strand of Mind’s ‘Blue Light’ initiative, which aims to improve the awareness and
management of the mental health of employees in the emergency services.

The Gender Employment Gap

This European project aims to: map trends and determinants of female labour market participation; estimate the economic effects of the gender gap, and explore successful approaches to support women into employment.