New IES research identifies NHS trusts which are likely to be most affected by Brexit

IES News

1 Aug 2016

NHS trusts in London, Thames Valley and East of England are most likely to be affected by the UK leaving the EU, new analysis reveals.

Building on recent research into the UK’s nursing workforce, IES has undertaken data analysis that reveals which NHS trusts are most dependent on recruitment from Europe and are therefore threatened with a considerable loss in their supply of staff following the referendum result.

These particular NHS trusts are threatened with staff shortages because of growing uncertainty surrounding the status of EU workers in the UK. This uncertainty makes it much harder for trusts to plan for the future.

Rachel Marangozov, IES senior research fellow, and Matthew Williams, research fellow, have outlined the full implications of the data analysis in a new piece for the LSE’s Brexit Vote blog.

IES’ new data analysis adds to recent debate over the NHS approach to workforce planning. As an IES report for the Migration Advisory Committee revealed last month, one in three nurses in England are due to retire in the next ten years whilst demand for nurses is due to increase during this period.