New member paper: Coaching in virtual spaces: Video, audio and text-based

HR Network news

19 Aug 2021

This paper is the fifth in the IES Coaching Effectiveness series which uses evidence to explore different aspects of business coaching. Our previous papers in the series were produced in conjunction with IES’ research partners at James Cook University in Australia. 

Going virtual may have seemed like a daunting task only 17 months ago to the many coaches and line managers who provide coaching support at work to employees and leaders. But even coaches who previously advocated face-to-face as the ‘best practice’ method for delivering coaching quickly adapted. Needs must. But how effective is virtual coaching? Does it get in the way of establishing rapport? What about adding to Zoom fatigue? The list of questions goes on.

This paper brings together the latest research findings and insights from organisation practice since the pandemic began to explore what employers need to know about virtual coaching methods. The paper is written primarily for coaching programme providers and HR/OD professionals. In addition, it may be useful for coaches, academics and practitioner-researchers in pointing to potential areas of further research.