New member paper: Making values a reality

HR Network news

12 Jul 2021

This report presents the findings of a review of the existing literature on techniques for embedding organisational values, alongside practical examples from organisations who have effectively embedded their values.

The research was conducted by IES to understand how values are developed, what the most successful approaches are for communicating and embedding values, and how success can be measured. Considering the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the research also sought to explore how the pandemic and large-scale remote-working may affect the embedding of the values.

The research approach included a rapid evidence review of approximately 30 reports, publications and presentations, and case study interviews with five organisations: Plan International, Wellcome Trust, British Council, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and West Sussex County Council.

The findings showed there was variety in the processes and techniques organisations had used to embed their values. However, some commonalities can be observed in the approaches used, the elements which were most effective, and the challenges faced.