Examination of the Evidence for Preparing, Sustaining and Enhancing Psychological and Physical Well-Being – Psychological Resilience

The purpose of this study was to enhance the MOD's understanding of the perspective of healthy and motivated personnel with respect to positive adaptation: what are the self-protecting factors that lead to effective coping mechanisms, when faced with adversity, and bolstering competence under challenging conditions, thus moderating negative impact(s)?

The work had the following aims:

  • To define "psychological resilience" such that it has meaning for the UK Armed Forces
  • To produce a fundamental model of "psychological resilience"
  • To identify current resilience building programmes and examine the evidence base for efficacy
  • To recommend how different components might be applied to enhance current UK military stress intervention initiatives

The scope was as follows:

  • Critical review of previous research and initiatives such as (but not limited to) the US "Comprehensive Soldier Fitness programme"
  • Military and civilian stakeholder initiatives
  • Focus on healthy individuals (preventative rather than treatment)

The research was presented at The Psychological the 3rd Military Psychology Conference 2014.