Projects and case studies

  • RCVS BVCIS Disability and Chronic Illness Survey

    The aim of the research is to understand more about the experiences of veterinary professionals and students with disability and chronic illness.

  • Early Talk Boost

    EEF has commissioned IES to conduct an efficacy trial evaluation of the Early Talk Boost programme, which will begin in schools in 2024. Early Talk Bost is an early langugae intervention with 3 and 4-year-olds who have demonstrated difficulty with...

  • YFF Synthesis of evaluations of ‘systems change’ interventions

    Youth Futures Foundation has commissioned IES in partnership with Global Development Network to lead a systematic literature review of ‘systems change’ interventions, including in-depth assessment of three key levers of systems change, to support...

  • Costs of living analysis

    Research and analysis to support Greater Brighton local authorities and partners in addressing impacts of rising costs of living on residents.

  • CYA "Forging Futures"

    IES have been awarded a grant from the Youth Futures Foundation to carry out an impact pilot study to assess the feasibility of a future full Impact Study to assess the effect of Cumbria Youth Alliance's Forging Futures programme. Forging Futures...

  • Gatsby Adult skills bootcamps evaluation

    An investigation into the place of bootcamps within technical education. The aim of this research is to dig into the Bootcamps to build a better understanding of what they deliver and how far this articulates with provision elsewhere. The initial...

  • Refugee Employment Programme (REP)

    The New Plan for Immigration set out the Government's intentions to strengthen the asylum system migration system with clear eligibility and routes to the UK. The Nationality and Borders Act UK provides the legislative framework for the NPI. As...

  • WYCA All Age Careers Blueprint

    We will work with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA), in partnership with iCeGS, to develop an All Age Careers Blueprint for West Yorkshire. This will provide strategic direction for the combined authority for careers, education and...

  • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons - Sum of the Parts analysis

    We are conducting a survey of the veterinary profession to understand the experiences of vet surgeons and vet nurses. 

  • Barristers Working Lives 2023

    Survey of barristers about their working lives, looking at wellbeing and work-life balance, working hours and patterns, bullying and discrimination, and specific legal system issues such as remote hearings.