Progression in Employment

Progression in Employment is a two-year research project led by IES and supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation through its global New Skills at Work initiative. The project focuses on employer practice enabling low-skilled workers to achieve career progression.

The research will be supported by case studies from key employers in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden, whilst the analysis itself will focus on opportunities in the retail, social care and hospitality sectors. This will include an analysis of labour market trends and national policies in each country.

IES will be working in partnership with Entreprise et Personnel and Frederic Turlan in France; Wilke, Maack and Partners in Germany; Istituto per Ricerca Sociale in Italy; Oxford Research in Sweden; and IKEI in Spain.

We hope this research will provide valuable insights for employers and policymakers, whilst raising awareness of latent talent pools to recruiters and employers in sectors currently experiencing acute staffing needs.

Read our press release announcing the project, here.

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