Review of Rapid Spread Methodology

Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust commissioned IES to review the second phase of the rapid spread methodology, which was initially implemented in pilot sites in York and Southampton to introduce high impact actions (HIAs) to reduce pressure ulcers and falls.

The review then focused on the second phase implementation of the rapid spread methodology in four additional acute trusts, as well as revisiting the initial pilot sites to assess the longer term impact. The objectives of the study were:

  • To capture and document learning, findings and recommendations from the implementation of the methodology in additional trusts, and longer term learning from the pilot sites, particularly relating to sustainability of change.
  • To compare and contrast implementation in the various sites, identifying any fundamental differences in their approaches, results and findings, in order to provide insights into the wider application of the methodology across a variety of organisations.
  • To assess the impact of the methodology and the extent to which it has met objectives in the individual trusts, by analysing progress from baseline measures selected by each trust and to capture adoption by staff.