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    Employers' Perceptions of Key Skills

    Dench S, Perryman S, Giles L | Jun 1998 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This study explores employers' needs for and satisfaction with the level of Key Skills held by their employees. It illustrates the importance of all these skills to employers, and generally high levels of satisfaction with their employees' skills (though not necessarily those of the labour force in general). It explores in detail employers' views of the Key Skill Units, and reveals specific concerns about their coverage.

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    Employment of Disabled People: Assessing the Extent of Participation

    Meager N, Bates P, Dench S, Honey S, Williams M | Jun 1998 | Department for Education and Employment

    This publication is no longer available. This study presents findings from a national survey of 2,000 disabled people of working age who have a long-term disability or health problem, and those who have had such a disability, in line with the definition of disability in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995. For these people getting a job is very important, but adaptations to allow many to stay in a job are not often offered. One in six has experienced work-related discrimination. Disabled people in employment are more likely to work in manual and lower skilled occupations and those from ethnic minorities are more likely to be unemployed. Average take-home pay of disabled employees is notably lower than for non-disabled workers.

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    Jobsearch: A Review of the Literature Prior to the Jobseeker's Allowance

    Atkinson J, Pollard E | Jun 1998 | Employment Service

    This study draws together evidence about people's jobsearch activities prior to the introduction of Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) in October 1996. The study was commissioned by the Employment Service as part of its programme to evaluate the impact of the JSA. This publication is no longer available.

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    Nurses' Work: an Analysis of the UK Nursing Market

    Buchan J, Seccombe I, Smith G | Jun 1998 | Royal College of Nursing

    This book sounds a warning bell for the NHS. It paints a very clear picture of the challenges ahead, plugging many of the information gaps which previously made it impossible to pull together a comprehensive overview of the nursing labour market. This publication is no longer available.

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    Supply and Demand for Supported Employment

    Honey S, Williams M | Jun 1998 | Department for Education and Employment

    The Supported Employment Programme, run by the Employment Service, aimed to provide jobs for people with severe disabilities, either in factories run by Supported Employment providers or in Supported Placements in host companies. This research provided estimates, using a variety of data sources, of the extent to which the supply of Supported Employment opportunities matched actual and potential demand on a geographical basis.

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    Graduate Salaries and Vacancies 1998 Summer Update Survey

    Perryman S, Jagger N | May 1998 | Association of Graduate Recruiters

    This publication is no longer available.

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    Workplace trauma and its management

    a review of the literature

    Rick J, Perryman S, Young K, Guppy A, Hillage J | Apr 1998 | Health and Safety Executive

    This report provides the findings from a major review of the research literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and trauma-related mental health. It examines the historical development of our understanding of trauma, and the current definitions available for PTSD. The organisational and legal implications of trauma are explored, as well as the data available on the scale and prevalence of trauma for different occupational groups.

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    Helping Parents to Work: a study for Kent TEC

    Dench S, O'Regan S | Feb 1998 | Institute for Employment Studies

    In 1993, the Department of Employment introduced a national grant initiative to stimulate the development of out-of-school clubs. This study examines provision in Kent, along with other activities run by Kent Child Care Network and Kent Returners Network. It evaluates the experiences and views of parents and club managers. The report also looks at the experiences of a group of parents and grandparents who attended a parenting skills course.

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    Trust and Transition: Managing Today's Employment Relationship

    Herriot P, Hirsh W, Reilly P | Feb 1998 | John Wiley & Sons

    This book identifies the two key problems facing senior managers and HR directors: employees' feelings of mistrust and insecurity, and their effects on the employment relationship; and the speed of organisational change which requires employees to make continuous transitions. This book shows that the management of careers in organisations is still possible if career transitions are negotiated with employees, supported by management, and hence recreate trust.

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    Graduate Salaries and Vacancies 1998

    Perryman S, La Valle I | Nov 1997 | Association of Graduate Recruiters

    This publication is no longer available.