Employee Engagement Research Collection

Our work on employee engagement has informed a series of IES reports and papers which have, whilst contributing to the debate, led to a definition of engagement; an engagement measure to be used within attitude surveys; and a diagnostic tool to identify the drivers of engagement.

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The engaging manager and sticky situationsThe engaging manager and sticky situations

Robinson D (2014), Engaging Manager Report Series 493

How engaging managers deal with difficult situations at work.


The engaging manager in development modeThe engaging manager in development mode

Marvell R, Robinson D, Hirsh W  (2014), Engaging Manager Report Series 492

Considers the engaging manager as a developer of people.


Teams and the engaging managerTeams and the engaging manager

Tamkin P, Robinson D (2012), Report 491

Explores the experiences and views of engaged teams.


Images of engaging managementImages of engaging management

Robertson Smith G, Robinson D (2012), Report 490

Explores perceptions of engaging managers.


The Engaging ManagerThe Engaging Manager

Robinson D, Hayday S (2009), Report 470

Identifies how, in practice, engaging managers behave.


Employee Engagement: A review of current thinkingEmployee Engagement: A review of current thinking

Robertson-Smith G, Markwick C (2009), Report 469

Offers a systematic review of the literature on employee engagement.


Engagement: The Continuing StoryEngagement: The Continuing Story

Robinson D, Hooker H, Hayday S (2007), Report 447

Tests IES' engagement measure and drivers tool in different settings and sectors.


The Drivers of Employee Engagement

The Drivers of Employee Engagement

Robinson D, Perryman S, Hayday S (2004), Report 408

If engagement can be defined and measured, what drives it?