Employee engagement

Our work on engagement is deeply rooted in extensive research. We have developed and rigorously tested a variety of tools and techniques that can make a fundamental difference to climate and performance.

Our portfolio of work helps both employers to assess and increase levels of employee engagement, and policymakers who want a better understanding of good practice in employee engagement among the business community.

Understanding engagement

We are a leading contributor to the debate on engagement and a major player in the national Engage for Success movement. Our research has defined engagement, created an engagement measure, identified the major engagement drivers and challenges for organisations in a variety of different sectors and settings, and provided an engagement diagnostic tool.

This research has enhanced our understanding of employee engagement and engaging behaviours, and continues to inform our approach when working with organisations and institutions.

Employee engagement surveys

We have years of experience in designing and analysing attitude surveys and in helping organisations to interpret, understand and act on the results. These include employee surveys, one-off pulse surveys to find out more about the views of a particular employee group, or to gauge reactions to a specific issue, and workshops or focus groups.

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Our work in this area


Engaging Manager assessment

Engaging Manager assessment

The IES Engaging Manager assessment is based on our in-depth research into engagement and engaging behaviours, and has been tested and validated.

The assessment takes a 360 degree approach, shows managers their strengths and areas for improvement with regard to their people management behaviours, and gives them insight into the manager types they most closely resemble.

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IES experts

Stephen Bevan Amanda Callen Dilys Robinson

Stephen Bevan
Director, Employer Research and Consultancy

Amanda Callen
Senior Research Fellow

Dilys Robinson
Principal Associate

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