Everyone knows that good management and leadership is important for engagement and performance but making it happen often gets lost in translation.

We have a considerable understanding of what makes great managers and leaders, through our rigorous and extensive research. We also offer insight and support directly to organisations and policymakers.

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Our work in this area

Evaluating leadership development

We evaluate management and leadership development from very large-scale national evaluations for public policymakers through to more focused evaluations for employers. Read about our evaluation of the Nye Bevan Programme, conducted on behalf of the NHS Leadership Academy.

Developing leaders

We have unparalleled experience of researching and evaluating leadership coaching, including exploring the practicalities and challenges of implementing a coaching programme. Alison Carter is a founding Director of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and Co-Chair of the 2nd Harvard International Coaching Research Forum.

We have examined different approaches to management development, including comparative studies of how coaching can help women achieve senior management positions in countries such as the UK, US, Sweden and Germany.

Read our reports on coaching effectiveness

How good are your leaders?

Using either bespoke enquiry or off the shelf tools, we can help organisations or representative bodies understand how effective their leaders are. Contact us if you would like to explore your leadership capability.

The best leaders welcome feedback and use it to improve their capability. We draw on our research evidence base to develop practical tools in this area, tailored to a leader’s environment to focus on what is strong and can be built on, and what needs to change.

We can develop bespoke 360 degree tools or have some tools specifically developed to understand management capability better.


Engaging Manager assessment

Engaging Manager assessment

We know what makes an engaging manager and have developed a tested assessment tool for you and your managers to see how well they are doing. 

Looking for consultation and assessment of your employees' engagement?

Take a look at our Engaging Manager assessment tool. 

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Alison Carter
Principal Research Fellow

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Principal Associate

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Director, HR Research Consulting

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