Activity and Learning Agreement Pilots - Programme Theory Evaluation (Working Paper 1)

Incentivising Participation in Activity Agreements

Johnson C, Newton B, Usher T, Hillage J | Working Paper RW028 | Department for Children, Schools and Families | Jan 2008

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The Activity and Learning Agreements Pilots were launched in April 2006 in 12 areas of England.

Activity Agreements (AA) were for 16 and 17 year olds not in education, employment or training (NEET), who were offered a weekly allowance in return for committing to a plan and completing agreed activities to re-integrate them back in to learning. Learning Agreements (LA) were for 16-17 year olds in jobs with no accredited training (JWT), to support and encourage them back into learning.

This study investigated the theory that ‘If the net additional value of the incentive was sufficiently appealing, certain young people would sign up to the AA, or at least attend an initial discussion where the wider benefits of the AA could be promoted.'