Activity and Learning Agreement Pilots - Programme Theory Evaluation (Working Paper 5)

Activity Agreements and Small Step Progression

Newton B, Levesley T, Oakley J, Fearn H, Johnson C | Report RR098 | Department for Children, Schools and Families | Apr 2009

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The Activity Agreements (AA) Pilots were launched in April 2006 in eight areas of England. The AA Pilots were an initiative aimed at testing the effectiveness of conditional financial incentives along with intensive support and brokerage of tailored activities in re-engaging young people aged 16 -17 who had been NEET (not in education, employment or training) for at least 20 weeks.

In taking part, young people were offered a weekly allowance in return for committing to a plan and completing agreed activities to reintegrate them back into learning and/or employment. Three levels of incentive payment were tested.

This is the fifth paper resulting from the ‘focused studies’ element within the programme theory evaluation and explores the Small Step Progression theory. It is based on research undertaken among a sample of young people in three Connexions Partnership areas who finished their AA between December 2007 and July 2008.