Designing and testing a return on investment tool for EAPs

Final report

Bevan S, Bajorek Z | Report 515 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jan 2019

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This report, produced by IES on behalf of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA), presents the results of research to design and test a return on investment tool for Employee Assistance Programmes.

The Stevenson-Farmer, Thriving at Work report, highlighted a lack of evidence for the cost-effectiveness of workplace health initiatives. Despite evidence of the business case for investment in employee mental health promotion, previous data have not sufficiently related to the conditions of UK small- and medium-sized businesses. This tool therefore aims to offer a simple, online solution in order that even small businesses can assess whether investing in EAPs can deliver a ROI by reducing sickness absence and preventing mental health problems in the workplace.

The report considers the research literature on the ROI of workplace wellbeing interventions, before outlining how the ROI tool was created, the considerations involved, and how it has been implemented.