Thinking ahead: A review of support provided by employers to help staff plan for their future

Gloster R, Edwards M, Spiegelhalter K, Newton B, Hirsh W |   | Centre for Ageing Better | Sep 2018

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This report produced by IES on behalf of the Centre for Ageing Better and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation explores what large employers are doing to support employees in their mid-life through to retirement. IES researchers examined the delivery of interventions, and explored the business context that led to these interventions.

The report highlights the findings from qualitative research, consisting of interviews with 25 large employers, five stakeholders and five training providers. It offers insights on the types of support that employers are offering, generally in three main content areas: finances, health and wellbeing, and careers and working life. The report also identifies the motivations, barriers and enablers for employer support and considers what could be done to promote greater employer involvement.