eWork in Southern Europe

Altieri G, Birindelli L, Bracaglia P, Tartaglione C, Albarracín D, Vaquero J, Fissamber V | Report 395 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2003

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This report from the EMERGENCE project focuses on eWork in Southern Europe, drawing together the results of the EMERGENCE European employer survey and case studies, with a review of the evidence from other sources.

The report assesses the performance of the various country groups by gauging the diffusion and intensity rates of eWork in the various sectors. It includes brief background reports on each of the countries concerned (Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece) and provides contextual information on the development of ICT in the national economy.

It also outlines each country's profile and identifies similarities and differences in operative behaviour within the Mediterranean economic zone.

This report complements other studies from the EMERGENCE project, which is funded under the European Commission's IST programme.