Where the Butterfly Alights

The Global Location of eWork

Huws U, Jagger N, Bates P | Report 378 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2001

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This report from the EMERGENCE project presents the results of a survey of the literature on eWork and globalisation, and an analysis of the available national statistics for 206 countries.

It develops hypotheses about the selection criteria for locations for remote telemediated work, and clusters countries according to their roles in the new global division of labour in the information economy. It also includes an analysis of IT-related employment and eWork in the EU at a regional level.

The study complements a 23-country survey which, for the first time, measures employers' use of various forms of eWork, and plots the location of ICT-supported remote work at a global level.

EMERGENCE is funded by the European Commission's IST Programme.